CCP Games finally ends official support of the long-neglected EVE Portal mobile app


Longtime fans of EVE Online have likely noticed that the sandbox’s official EVE Portal mobile app has been in decline for a number of months – fellow blogger The Ancient Gaming Noob has chronicled some of the app’s degradation in a recent post – and now it looks as if the app’s declining performance is ultimately on CCP Games itself, as the studio has officially announced the end of support and development of EVE Portal.

“When problems arose, we deployed fixes which proved to be only temporary as new issues manifested,” CCP admitted in the announcement. “After a thorough technical review, we have concluded that the EVE Portal app does not have a robust enough foundation for its ongoing maintenance or further development.”

The end of support is effective immediately, with the studio having already begun the process of disengaging the app’s infrastructure and removing it from mobile storefronts. Meanwhile, TAGN points out that there are a couple of fan-built programs like EVEMon and Neocom II that offer similar functions for those who want them, but the official mobile app is now dust and stands as yet another example of the typical fate of CCP’s EVE-adjacent projects.

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