ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained officially merged this morning, sending Unchained into its last sunset


The great failed experiment that was ArcheAge Unchained is officially over. This week, Kakao merged the alternate business model version of the game into the default version, while also using this move as an opportunity to further merge all ArcheAge servers down to a single European and a single North American shard.

The merge, which had been extended into the early hours of December 1st, brought together the six servers of ArcheAge and the six of Unchained in an attempt to consolidate the population and eliminate Unchained’s format altogether. It should be noted that every character has had his or her name changed to “prevent overlap issues” and can be further re-named when players log back into the game.

A land rush for both surviving realms is scheduled to begin on Saturday, December 2nd. Kakao is scheduling a series of events to bolster community morale this month.

If you’re abandoning the ArcheAge ship in favor of holding out for ArcheAge 2, be aware that it might be a ways still in coming. XLGAMES pushed the closed beta to sometime later in 2024, with a full release next year looking increasingly unlikely.

Source: ArcheAge
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