Wildcard sunsets ARK Survival Evolved official servers, confirms no Steam cross-play at ARK Ascended’s launch


“We aren’t meant to live forever,” reasons the title of a video for ARK: Survival Evolved, which is part of a wider send-off for the now-closed official servers of the dinosaur survivalbox. The post thanks players for their support, reminds them that Evolved isn’t fully gone, and encourages them to look ahead, all while the video is nothing more than a single image with a somber tune playing. Music to mourn your survivalbox to, we guess.

On the subject of the replacement sequel Ascended, the studio is still promising an end of October launch in an FAQ, which also provides a rough timeline for launch features: The game will go live this month with cross-play for Windows PC, PS5, and current Xbox consoles, but not for Steam; December is when cross-platform play will become available for Steam players, though the post also calls this “a Wildcard ETA,” which leaves the door wide open for delays. Finally, the third phase of launch that adds cross-progression for ASA happens at some point in 2024.

The rest of the FAQ goes over previously discussed matters such as the decision to shutter ASE in favor of ASA, confirms what content will be available in maps on day one of launch, and assures fans that there will be some gameplay screenshots and a trailer “before you purchase the game in October.”

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