Deathverse: Let It Die announces that it will suspend services in July

That happened.

Normally, we’d say something like “don’t title your game Deathverse: Let It Die if you don’t want some snarky commentary if the game shuts down.” But Deathverse: Let It Die is a followup to the original Let It Die, so it turns out that’s not actually a subtitle. Weird choice, but all right. The important thing is that the game is suspending service as of July, with the official announcement stating that this is supposedly a temporary shutdown while the game is re-developed and eventually re-released.

With the game being sent off to live with a nice farm family upstate later this year, purchasing the game’s premium currency has been disabled… in about a month. Yes, you can still buy Death Metal now, but that’ll be disabled on February 7th. So you probably shouldn’t buy it now anyway, since the game is shutting down on July 18th as mentioned previously. We’ll see if a supposed relaunch actually materializes in the future, but for the moment, our condolences to both the fans and creators affected by this sunset.

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