Tencent’s battle royale shooter Ring of Elysium will sunset in December

Hark, look upon my chicken dinner wins; they are barren


The battle royale bandwagon continues to prove its inability to bear the weight of too many games, it seems. Readers might recall the existence of Ring of Elysium, Tencent’s entry into the sub-genre that arrived to early access in 2018 and then made it to full launch about a year later. Or maybe people haven’t recalled the existence of Ring of Elysium, which could be the reason for developer TSCH Scarlet Limited confirming last week that the shooter is sunsetting by year’s end.

Those who have already installed Elysium will be able to keep playing until December 1st, while the game’s cash shop has already been shuttered, as has its availability on Steam. There are no events or other niceties scheduled between now and December, though players will still be able to use any existing currency they have if they choose; the rest of the post outlines how the game will retain player data “for a period of time” for those who might choose to exercise their data subject rights.

There’s no shortage of speculation one can reach for when considering Elysium’s sunset. On top of the overcrowding of the sub-genre itself, the game’s numbers took a significant nosedive after an all-time peak of over 63K. Most player opinions on Steam appear to have soured after the game’s first few seasons, followed by claims of the shooter being abandoned. Now it is well and truly being shut down.

sources: Steam (1, 2) and Steamcharts via MMO Fallout
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