Diablo III’s Season 29 will bring one last new theme on September 15 before de facto maintenance mode


The seasonal model that’s powered Diablo III for a very long time now is winding down, though fans should try and take heart that it’s not ending wholesale. Blizzard’s Season 29 preview post confirms that this new season scheduled for September 15th will be the final new theme on offer, after which point season themes will be re-running.

The studio offers a broad-strokes look forward to life after Season 29, with Season 30 bringing back the Rites of Sanctuary theme as a permanent fixture across all modes, as well as gameplay balances and bug fixes. After Season 30, themes and features from previous seasons will come back roughly every three months, but don’t expect anything new.

As for Season 29, that brings the Visions of Enmity theme, which opens diabolical fissures around the game world that grant players “dangerous memories from your past, and even more dangerous emissaries of Hell to slaughter” when they’re entered. Season 29 will otherwise offer up the usual goodies like new cosmetics, journey rewards, Haedric’s Gift items, and several balance changes. It’s all spelled out in the patch notes, just know that this is the last new seasonal anything for the ARPG as far as themes go.

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