Square-Enix’s Babylon’s Fall went out with the wimpiest of whimpers


How do you imagine your favorite online service game going dark? Hopefully it’s with bittersweet parties among the faithful community and massive end-of-game events that serve to put an exclamation mark on the history of the game.

Or, alternatively, you could be Square-Enix and do this to Babylon’s Fall:

It may be the saddest, most pathetic sunset notice we’ve ever seen. The official Babylon’s Fall Twitter account fared a little bit better, thanking players for hanging out in the game these past 12 months. Some players did gather together to mark the final moments before the plug was pulled on February 28th.

Aaaaand that’s all she wrote for this thoroughly underwhelming looter shooter that stumbled out of the gate in March 2022, saw development grind to a halt, and die before it could even reach its first anniversary. Our initial impressions of this title judged it underwhelming and unpolished collection of “almost good” ideas.

Source: Steam
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