Iron Realms puts two of its MUDs into maintenance mode including Starmourn


Those who have dabbled or gone hardcore into the world of multi-user dungeons (MUDs) and text-based MMOs will no doubt recognize the name of Iron Realms. This studio’s built an empire out of running MUDs over the past few decades.

Unfortunately, every empire needs pruning now and then, and Iron Realms announced that it’s going to be pushing two of its titles out of live development and into maintenance mode going forward. In a newsletter to the community, the studio said that Imperian and Starmourn are getting the back burner treatment.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to relegate two of our games, Imperian and Starmourn, into what we’re calling ‘Legacy Mode,'” Iron Realms said. “This decision was not made lightly and was influenced by various factors such as decreasing interest and the financial realities these games have been facing. This means the server will stay up, but purchases (credits, arti packages, etc) will be disabled, and the overall admin support will be reduced.”

Iron Realms said that its other three titles — Achaea, Aetolia, and Lusternia — will continue as usual. Some of its titles popped up in our recent list of text-based MUDs you should try.

Source: Starmourn, Imperian. Thanks Panagiotis!
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