Pearl Abyss grants users of a gamer-centric finance service free copies of Black Desert

Weirdest promo of the year?


We’re pretty sure that nobody had Pearl Abyss clapping hands with a gamer-focused financial service provider on the radar – heck, we’re not even sure anyone was aware that a gamer-focused financial service provider even existed. Yet here we are, reporting that users of the Mana app, which its handlers represent as a “checking account and debit card for people who enjoy playing video games and want to get rewarded for doing what they know and love,” will be able to snag a free standard copy of Black Desert.

The promotion will be offering a claimable key for the Traveler’s Edition of the MMORPG between now and September 14th. The announcement doesn’t specify which platform this key can be used on, but judging by the games normally offered in the service’s Mana Shop, we assume it’s a key for the PC version of the game.

Before anyone gets too excited by this promotion and the Mana service in general, we should point out that you’ll have to pay an annual fee to use its features – $40 a year for the previously free benefits and $135 a year for the “pro” plan. Still, in the off-hand chance that anyone reading happens to already be a Mana user, there’s a free MMORPG available to you. And hey, at least it’s not a fried chicken promotion, right?

sources: press release, Mana site (1, 2, 3)
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