PvP MMO Gloria Victis has officially sunsetted as Siege Survival Gloria Victis marches on


Back in August, we relayed the unfortunate news that Polish indie studio Black Eye Games was sunsetting siege PvP MMORPG Gloria Victis after a decade of early access and several months after the formal launch. At the time, the devs said they were simply out of money as the launch hadn’t pulled in the players and incomes they were hoping for. Consequently, the servers were officially turned off on Halloween earlier this week.

The bummer is that the game’s population dwindled long before then (it was averaging 12 players concurrent over the last month), and there aren’t many videos of the game’s last moments; in fact, the one we found suggests the devs shut the servers down an hour early, which may have stymied recording attempts. The official Discord seems to be nonfunctional, while the Steam forum and Reddit are mostly awash with farewells, anger, and frustration that the devs weren’t able to turn the game over to the players to host themselves, as Black Eye told players last summer that the game’s infrastructure made such a transfer “impossible.”

For what it’s worth, the survival spinoff of the game, Siege Survival: Gloria Victis, is still buyable on Steam and even had some streamers this morning, though its concurrency is almost as low as its older sibling’s at the end.

RIP, Gloria Victis.

Source: Steam, Reddit
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