Rumor: EA will stop supporting Wild Hearts just half a year after release


This past February saw Wild Hearts, a cross-platform multiplayer monster hunting game from developer Koei Tecmo and publisher Electronic Arts, make its debut to the big critter-slapping sub-genre. The primary hook of the title was the use of buildable contraptions to vault characters or trap monsters, and while its setting was distinct, our quick peek into the game saw it land as an original but obtuse experience.

It looks as if the game’s days are numbered if the word of a Reddit moderator is to be believed, as he posted an announcement that Electronic Arts will be ending support for the game soon.

“What you think has happened to the game has unfortunately happened. In typical EA news, it seems like they did not want to sit on the game and give it the time and expected it to most likely be the next [Monster Hunter]. Seems like it didn’t turn into the multi-million dollar big hit they wanted and don’t want to give it the love to grow.”

The moderator doesn’t cite his sources, effectively asking players to take his word for it, but the assumption does track: The game hasn’t seen a content update since July and its comms appear to be similarly quiet. As for the game’s reception itself, Steam Charts shows a mighty drop in player numbers and Steam users call out various problems with performance or simply say that playing Monster Hunter: World is just a better choice.

Still, many fans on the subreddit are crestfallen at the news, calling Wild Hearts one of the more innovative attempts at the multiplayer hunting game type, while others point out how the writing was on the wall for this one. And even though the dots do appear to connect, it’s perhaps still best to take this “reveal” with a grain of salt until there’s an official announcement.

sources: Reddit, official site, Twitter, Steam Charts, Steam, thanks to Lunar for the tip!
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