You’ve Got Flail: New World’s flail ability names deliver a smorgasbord of puns and dad jokes

Sail the flailboat through the seas of pun cheese

You must whip it.

Sure, the new flail weapon coming to New World as part of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion looks pretty cool, but do you know what makes the weapon arguably even better than others in the MMO? The fact that its ability names are absolutely awash in dad jokes and puns, and as we all know, the internet loves puns.

A preview from the PTR version of the weapon offers up a lot of granular detail about the flail’s new abilities (as one might expect), but fans of the game also can bask in the warm glow of goofy ability names like Flailbird, Happy Flails, Flailure to Launch, You’ve Got Flail, and Flail Mary, among a couple of others.

Naturally, none of these ability names make them superior to others mechanically, and the vast majority of the abilities are pretty descriptive or expected in their names, but we have to appreciate the fun Amazon Games is having here. We also have to admit that building a character who attacks with nothing but puns is an intriguing prospect.

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