Tarisland takes players on a brief tour through the airborne city of SilverLit


Most of the information coming out of Tarisland recently has been primarily about adjusting several gameplay features and mechanics, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before we got something a little bit fluffier: a zone preview of the land of SilverLit, an airborne kingdom “renowned for its magnificent architecture and diverse culture.”

Much of the post contextualizes the city’s history, detailing its beginnings as a wizard academy that blew up for mysterious reasons (apparently) to its wholesale reassembly by a prestigious human craftsman, who then gifted the entire city to a similarly prestigious Capulet family. The post highlights several points of interest within SilverLit, such as a bustling marketplace, a famous statue, and the newly built (and much less exploded) Starlight magic academy.

As a reminder, Tarisland is looking to November for its next closed test, so there are likely going to be more zone previews coming in the next few weeks, but that doesn’t mean followers can’t get their eyes full of a floating city beforehand.

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