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Wargaming launches multiple charitable bundles for its slate of titles to benefit Ukraine

The country of Ukraine continues to defend itself from the ongoing Russian invasion, which naturally means that aid is still needed for the Ukrainian...

Terraria dev commits $200,000 plus monthly donations to open-source engine Unity rivals

It would be really great if the Unity situation would stop being a big ol' industry-wide garbage fire, but alas, it is not this...
You must whip it.

You’ve Got Flail: New World’s flail ability names deliver a smorgasbord of puns and dad jokes

Sure, the new flail weapon coming to New World as part of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion looks pretty cool, but do...

A Fortnite player has made an MMORPG-like raid boss fight within the shooter’s creative mode

We weren't very sure that there was much overlap between MMORPG fans and Fortnite players, but we're glad to be proven wrong in at...

Korea Tourism Board uses Black Desert’s upcoming Land of the Morning Light as ad campaign theme

We all know that Black Desert is a Korean MMORPG. We also know that the Land of the Morning Light update is on its...

EVE Online players raised over $26K to benefit earthquake victims in Turkiye and Syria

A lot of malignant things can be assumed from the players of EVE Online, but let it not be said that they can't be...

Toontown Online emu operators announce the return of an in-person fan convention for the MMO’s 20th anniversary

All emulators and rogue servers for MMOs are passion projects of a game's fanbase, but there are arguably few fanbases that are as passionate...

Old School RuneScape player cashes in eight years of grind rewards to max out a despised skill

Have you ever sat in awe of an MMORPG player's enviable levels of pettiness and commitment? Then you might be among those Old School...

Microsoft’s ZeniMax QA just formed the largest games industry union in the country

Just before the holiday break, workers at Microsoft's ZeniMax Media - including Elder Scrolls Online's ZeniMax Online Studios and Bethesda itself - announced their...

Blizzard-owned studio Proletariat announces plans to form a union

Workers at a third studio owned by Activision-Blizzard are planning to organize: Proletariat, which readers may recall was the studio behind battle royale game...

Bungie will donate sales of its Destiny 2 pride pin to benefit a transgender charity all month

Bungie has declared the month of November the time to raise awareness of transgender issues and equality. The Destiny 2 developer is forwarding all...

Guild Wars 2 promotes this weekend’s Pink Day in LA fundraiser for cancer charity

Long-time Guild Wars franchise fans know that Pink Day in LA is a staple of the community when it comes to charity, and this...

MMO studios and publishers large and small come together to support Extra Life 2022

It's about that time of year when charitable drives are on the minds of many gamers, studios, and publishers, and just as last year...

Game dev flips a panel into an anti-crypto attack, earning applause from attendees and ire from NFT sponsors

Many folks may not have heard of Mark Venturelli, a designer for the turn-based strategy title Chroma Squad and founder of developers Critical Studio...