Guild Wars 2 promotes this weekend’s Pink Day in LA fundraiser for cancer charity


Long-time Guild Wars franchise fans know that Pink Day in LA is a staple of the community when it comes to charity, and this year is no different. Gamers Giving Back will once again host a massive party in Guild Wars 2’s Lion’s Arch to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

“The goal today is to raise awareness and support for those who are affected by cancer,” the group writes. “Online video games give us a unique opportunity to fundraise on an international level and through Gamers Giving Back, we’re supporting the search for understanding the causes, and finding cures.”

The main event begins at 1 p.m. EDT on October 15th and includes a “costume contest, human darts, hide-and-seek, and more” in-game, as well as a trivia contest in Discord and streams on Twitch. ArenaNet has apparently donated quite a bit of swag as prizes for the event, including gem cards and autographed art. Community members have also donated some adorable handmade prizes. (The crocheted pink quaggan has my heart!) All proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Guild Wars 2’s base game, of course, is free-to-play, and Lion’s Arch is easily accessed by a brand-new character, meaning you could attend even if you’re not particularly familiar with the game.

Source: Twitter, GGB
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