Guild Wars 2 players can now ‘game, grow, and touch grass’ with officially licensed… plant seeds


There is a lot of plant life growing all over the world of Guild Wars 2 – and some of it even isn’t trying to kill you! But perhaps you’re ready to take the next step in your Tyrian botanical journey. You’re not satisfied with digital recreations of flowers; you’re ready for the real McCoy. You want to plant some flower seeds and tend to them in meatspace. You want the opportunity to tickle their little flower chins. You want to “game, grow, and touch grass.” You’re ready for the SeedSaga.

“Love the greenery you see in games? SeedSaga brings you closer, with plants straight from the biggest fantasy worlds. These packs start your quest to all things botanical and deepens your connection with nature. And without even knowing it, you’ll be counteracting the effects of climate change. So farm your own resources IRL and harvest all the perks for this world too.”

That’s right, there is now a selection of officially licensed GW2 flower seeds based on some of the plants found within Tyria. Fans can grow themselves a blooming passiflora (aka a passion flower), a crimson sunflower (aka a claret sunflower), and a flax (aka a flax). Each pack of seeds comes with care instructions as well as an informational card that can either be collected or be used as a soil display. And these are just “edition 1,” which suggests that more seed packs based on other games are coming later.

Regrettably, these real-world GW2 plants can be shipped only within the UK, so the rest of us flower fans are going to have to dream of touching grass some other way. Unless, of course, we get to see the market of gamer-labeled plant seeds grow. Stranger things have certainly happened.

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