Wargaming launches multiple charitable bundles for its slate of titles to benefit Ukraine


The country of Ukraine continues to defend itself from the ongoing Russian invasion, which naturally means that aid is still needed for the Ukrainian citizens caught within the maelstrom. Wargaming is once more rising up to that need with the launch of WargamingUnited, a charitable initiative that sells unique bundles for six of the studio’s titles.

Items in these bundles include a premium Tier VIII tank and various cosmetics for World of Tanks, Ukrainian-themed cosmetics for World of Warships and World of Warships Legends, two unique bundles apiece for World of Tanks Blitz and World of Tanks Modern Armor, and a Ukrainian Tier IX fighter jet bundle for World of Warplanes. A full 100% of the proceeds from these bundle sales will go to Ukraine’s official fundraising platform UNITED24 so that aid workers can purchase Type C ambulances the country needs to save lives.

“Here at Wargaming, we love war games, but we hate war,” the studio explains. “This is a particularly sensitive subject for us, as we have a whole studio in Kyiv that continues to work hard to deliver features and events to World of Tanks despite the horrors their country is living through every day. […] We are inviting you to join us in support of those affected by the war and launching our biggest charity project yet.”

Readers may recall that Wargaming took a hard-line stance against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine above and beyond its multiple charitable efforts, including a costly exit from Russia and Belarus and the firing of a pro-invasion lead dev. Our own Ben Griggs wrote about the studio’s move out of Russia and its impact to both developers and the company back in April of last year.

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