The Elder Scrolls Online shows off the rewards of the Endless Archive mode

Lies! Lies and chicanery!

The latest preview of The Elder Scrolls Online’s Endless Archive reveals that the name itself is a dirty dirty lie. Why? Because it’s all about the rewards you get when you emerge from diving into the archive, which means it’s not actually endless! If it were truly endless, it wouldn’t have an ending! Don’t let people abuse words! Fight the power! At least, until you get the rewards you want from the archive; then just shrug and say it’s whatever.

So what can you actually get? Tons of stuff. You can pick up class set gear, style pages, rare leads for Antiquity, and more besides. Some of these things are acquired through Archival Fortunes, a new currency unique to this game mode; others are obtained through unique achievements earned in the mode. Whatever you have your eye on, you can rest assured that there’s plenty to be gained within the archives, even if they are somewhat less endless than the name might otherwise imply.

The Endless Archive content is set to launch October 30th.

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