Mobile co-op multiplayer RPG Echoes of Mana announces a May 15 sunset


Echoes of Mana is not a game that we’ve really touched on here but it does fall within our sphere of interest: The mobile co-op RPG, which released in April 2022, promised a classic 2-D RPG experience evocative of the IP’s other games and leaned on the introduction of characters from across the series as a hook. Unfortunately, after less than a year of operation, Square-Enix has announced that the title is shutting down.

As first reported by MMO Fallout, the official sunset date is Monday, May 15th, with the sale of Spirit Crystals already halted and events planned to continue to roll out in the intervening months between now and closure. Players who already have bought currency will still be able to use it, but it appears that there will be no refunds being offered. It would be easy to assume that there weren’t many buyers anyway; the devs of the RPG explain that the shuttering is because “it would be difficult to continue maintaining the app experience.”

This is the latest in a whole swath of recent Squeenix-owned live service game shutdowns, which include Marvel’s Avengers this fall, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier this past January, and Babylon’s Fall at the end of this month. The company meanwhile blamed recent lagging net sales on “weak” game releases.

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