Genshin Impact brings back a spring festival and adds two new characters to the roster March 1


Before you know it, spring will be in bloom in our portion of the globe, but players of Genshin Impact will know that the season has arrived when the Windblume’s Breath update launches on March 1st, bringing with it a returning seasonal celebration, some new roster additions, and a few other extra pieces on top.

Springtime in Monstadt means the Windblume Festival is coming back for another year, which promises several minigames involving taking snapshots, navigating a floral maze, and a rhythm game. There will also be some narrative context this year as well, with visitors from Sumeru who will be in attendance.

Speaking of characters, two new additions will arrive with the patch: Eremite Dehya, with her pyro-powered greatsword attacks, and Mika, a polearm-wielding cryo user. Those who missed out on snagging Cyno, Kamisayo Ayaka, and Shenhe from the Great Genshin Gacha Machine will get a new chance when their banners return as well.

Finally, the update will bring extra Intertwined Fate rewards for completing Archon Quests and make some new cards available for the in-game Genius Invokation TCG, along with a return of the limited-time Heated Battle mode. The update has both a teaser trailer and a more in-depth synopsis video waiting below.

source: press release
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