Square-Enix says net sales are down across the board because of ‘weak’ catalog titles and no MMORPG expansion

da fuq did I just read

The latest financial report out of Square-Enix doesn’t appear to be a particularly rosy one as net sales of games across the company’s three related sub-segments were all down, resulting in year-over-year dips of 12.9% for digital entertainment net sales and 21.6% in operating income.

The lagging sales are being attributed to “weak” game performance in both the HD games and mobile games divisions; new titles like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion and Dragon Quest X underperformed, while sales for the publisher/developer’s existing mobile games further underwhelmed. As for lagging sales in the MMO segment, that’s being attributed to the fact that Final Fantasy XIV didn’t release an expansion last year. It’s a bit of a reversal for the game, whose successes were one of the only bright spots for the company all throughout 2022.

Going forward, Square-Enix is looking to engage “a variety of operational initiatives” in order to keep existing players of FFXIV engaged, while new mobile and HD games are being promised to bring up numbers. All around, though, it looks like a quarter of letdowns for the company.

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