Square-Enix Q2 2021 financials: Final Fantasy XIV’s subs are up


Square-Enix has released its second quarter financial report for 2021, and it paints a rather middling picture overall. Net revenue for the quarter YOY was up only 1.8%, with YOY declines in operating income and profits, in spite of the launch of Outriders and the NieR remaster, which were apparently unable to keep up YOY with the Final Fantasy VII Remake (and presumably, COVID lockdowns) in Q2 2020.

So what did contribute to that positive growth? Mobile sales, digital media, the company’s “amusement” facilities segment, and… MMORPGs.

“In the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) Game sub-segment, net sales rose versus the same period of the previous fiscal year due to growth in the number of monthly paying subscribers for FINAL FANTASY XIV.”

Q2 ended in June, of course, and the perceived mass exodus from WoW to MMOs including FFXIV didn’t begin until almost July, so we might expect to see the effects of that next quarter, followed by the actual launch of Endwalker this fall.

Source: Square-Enix

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Grave Knight

From what I’ve heard much of that is due to Blizzard’s incompetence as much as it’s due to FF14’s new expansion coming in November.

Seriously, Activision-Blizzard needs to shape up or the real WoW killer is going to be themselves. Maybe they should finally remove the guy responsible for a good chunk of their bad publicity… Kotick.

Bruno Brito

Or, as i said in the WoW quarter thread: Q3 will be the one that really matters.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Danny Smith

Well its not shocking but its refreshing to hear “increase in paying subscribers” and not some MAU bunkum. Nor is underperformance outside of that shocking. I have heard both from a few folks i know that work at SE outsourcing companies and from others in the know that Square basically mandated damn near everything had to be a live service hustle of some sort and all its lead to a things ranging from Avengers to Outriders.

Were it not for Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy i think they would be in trouble frankly. They are putting all their eggs in one basket nobody goes to square enix for to begin with. They need to stop making third person action games. Since The 3rd Birthday and Dirge of Cerberus that has ended with pretty mediocrity at best. If people are bitching about Sony focussing on third person “moviegames” why on earth do they want to follow suit? i don’t know but its clear that a few hits like the first life is strange were flash in the pans and live service fatigue has them about ten years too late for that factory farm model.


I wonder how much growth. Just saying “more than this time last year” doesn’t really give very much information.

IronSalamander8 .

I’ve never played any Nier stuff, but Outriders is just ok at best according to every review of it I’ve seen, and the setting and style don’t appeal to me much so never played it, and pnly 2 of my Steam friends have played it all; most of whom I’ve met via games like TF2 or Paladins, so no surprise that they didn’t get a big uptick from that title.

I’ve seriously considered getting back into FF14 as some friends that quit before and said they weren’t coming back, came back. But on different servers/data centers now, and it sounds like the population is so big right now, that not only are there queues, and can’t create new characters all that often, but that transfers may be a mess if not impossible, so holding off for now. Watched some Bellular yesterday to catch up and saw a video on this situation. They’ve gotta be loving having this kind of problem. It’s a genuinely good game, but I’ve always had a difficult time getting into it.


I am playing Outriders and finding it really great! Its a looter-shooter, the levels are well thought out and some are really cool (reminiscent of paint-ball arenas), the loot is diverse, the build-possibilities and ablity to swap builds on the fly and play around is fun, and the difficulty is well-crafted.

So, I highly recommend giving it a try if you want a diablo-esque first person shooter game. I wish there was another game like it, I’d buy a sequel in a heartbeat.

Grave Knight

The queues aren’t really that bad. The worst bit is that character creation is only available for a few minutes at a time on any world before it’s unavailable for a few minutes. But login queues aren’t even 5 minutes, and they’ve implemented a timeout feature if you AFK for 30 minutes making those queues just a little bit faster. Hopefully when they add the Oceanic servers it’ll ease the login servers a bit… at least until Data Center travel mucks it up again.