Final Fantasy XIV’s fourth expansion, Endwalker, arrives this fall, with a PS5 launch set for April

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The fourth expansion for Final Fantasy XIV has been officially announced during the evening’s live announcement event as Endwalker, launching in fall of 2021. You can also catch up on our liveblog of the event or just skim the highlights below!

  • The expansion is called Endwalker, and it’s launching this fall.
  • Expect two new jobs: a healer and a melee DPS.
  • The healer is Sage, a barrier-type healer that heals and protects with barriers, using aether to manipulate the nouliths. Starts at level at 70, no class. Square says that starting in 6.0, there will be a clearer distinction between “pure” healers and “barrier” healers.
  • The melee DPS job will be revealed at the fan festival in May.
  • Endwalker’s story will end at the conclusion of 6.0, rather than in 6.3. This does not mean FFXIV itself is ending or going away, just that 6.1 will start a totally new story.
  • We’re going to the moon to uncover the secret of the Final Days.
  • Naoki Yoshida assures everyone he’s not going anywhere or leaving the project.
  • Expect a level cap bump to 90 with massive new areas, including Radz-at-Han, Thavnair, and Garlemald, Capital of the Garlean empire. Square isn’t talking about the larger capital yet.
  • A new beast tribe is en route: the Matanga, elephant people.
  • Expect new dungeons too, as well as the new Pandaemonium 8-player raid and a new Alliance raid.
  • The Trust system will see an update, adding a new Trust person, Estinien, and new types of activities for Trusts too.
  • Ishgard housing confirmed! The area will open to look from 6.0, but the land itself won’t be open to purchase until 6.1.
  • Data Center travel is on the table too, with a lot of restrictions, even more than the world visit, but it will let you party up with friends on other data centers.
  • The next fan festival (digital) will be May 15th and 16th.
  • Finally, the game is coming to PS5, with an open beta starting April 13th, the same day as the next patch. Expect a free PS5 upgrade for PS4 players, 4k resolution support, faster load times, and improved frame rate.

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