Square-Enix claps hands with a blockchain game platform that ‘hides web3 technology under the hood’

Gee, why would it want to do that?

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At this point, game publishers and developers are likely wise to the fact that the vast majority of gamers don’t want, like, or need speculative blockchain and NFT nonsense worming its way into their games. It’s likely because of this that Square-Enix has decided to enter a partnership with Elixir Games, a company that actively says it’s trying to stir blockchain and web3 games together with normal titles.

And no, this isn’t paraphrasing or supposition on our part. Here’s the leading portion of the announcement:

“Elixir Games, the leading web3 gaming distribution platform, has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Square Enix focused on generating visibility and adoption of web3 games among traditional gamers. The partnership will allow millions of gamers to explore quality web3 games through a platform that hides web3 technology under the hood and offers a simple seamless experience to the traditional gamer.”

For those who haven’t heard of Elixir Games, it’s a company that has been part of the blockchain racket as far back as 2018. The company boasts a recent integration with Epic Games and runs the Elixir game platform, which is host to well-known and deeply loved games like Whisper of Soul, Monstropoly, and World Eternal Online. This is sarcasm, by the way.

What this deal actually means isn’t specifically outlined, but more details are promised soon. Meanwhile, Elixir CEO Carlos Roldan calls the partnership a step closer to web3 mass adoption and another way for “users [to play] web2 and web3 games alike without distinction.” Judging by the replies and reactions of many gamers, we’re going to assume these remarks were pulled from an echo chamber.

Readers might remember that Square-Enix’s continued insistence on forcing blockchain on gamers is not terribly surprising. It began with the company’s belief that blockchain and play-to-earn gaming heralded “growth potential” and continuous content generation even as Square acted surprised that people play games for fun. This was shortly followed by the release of NFT-linked action figures and the pending release of the blockchain game Symbiogenesis.

Meanwhile, Square-Enix’s financials have taken multiple hits, several games are shutting down, and the company’s president Yosuke Matsuda – the man leading Squeenix’s blockchain charge – is being replaced.

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