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Ubisoft resolves to launch two Web3 games this year but admits five years of work have yielded nothing

Just in case you were thinking that Ubisoft had stopped huffing the guff of Web3, blockchain, and crypto, allow a VentureBeat interview with blockchain...

PSA: Cryptocurrency scammers are stealing Solarpunk’s assets for use in NFTs and a supposed metaverse

At this point we'd like to believe that the vast majority of our readers are assured that cryptocurrency games, metaverses, and NFTs are all...
Fandaniel is a bad person, don't be like Fandaniel.

Square-Enix claps hands with a blockchain game platform that ‘hides web3 technology under the hood’

At this point, game publishers and developers are likely wise to the fact that the vast majority of gamers don't want, like, or need...

Nexon dives further into NFT and blockchain games with MapleStory N and a MapleStory Universe ecosystem

Readers might remember that Nexon's push into crypto has gone as one might expect, with $40M disappearing into the void in 2021 and continued...

Square-Enix is still all-in on its NFT game, Symbiogenesis

Square-Enix has made no bones about its excitement to throw good money after bad on the pyre of NFT and crypto gaming, with its...