Square-Enix is still all-in on its NFT game, Symbiogenesis


Square-Enix has made no bones about its excitement to throw good money after bad on the pyre of NFT and crypto gaming, with its highlighted foray being Symbiogenesis, which readers will recall was announced last November. That game has now officially launched its website, and the whole thing reads just as tone-deaf as the company’s former president.

The section that details Symbiogenesis talks up its 10,000 character NFTs, its gameplay mechanics involving finding items hidden around a floating continent, and the various benefits of holding NFTs such as earning points, member ranks, and completing story objectives. Peppered throughout are some eyebrow-raising statements and design decisions, such as the game calling itself “narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment,” confirmation that only three players will be allowed to see the game’s final mission, and an attempted spin of player trading mechanics as an examination of the differences in principles between Web2 and Web3.

“Can Web2 and Web3 live together in symbiosis? Or will the two approaches necessarily conflict? What kind of interesting aspects can this decentralized approach bring? By playing through Symbiogenesis, perhaps you will reach this answer,” reads the site. We’re willing to bank on what the answer might be considering remarks on the game’s trailer.

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