PSA: Cryptocurrency scammers are stealing Solarpunk’s assets for use in NFTs and a supposed metaverse


At this point we’d like to believe that the vast majority of our readers are assured that cryptocurrency games, metaverses, and NFTs are all naked attempts to grift unsuspecting people. Even so, we have to look into the fourth wall with deep levels of disappointment at the galling and flagrant attempt being made by a game called CelaScape Metaverse, which has wholesale ripped off entire assets and video from the developing cozy multiplayer survival title Solarpunk.

The CelaScape website uses footage from Solarpunk’s reveal trailer and images taken from its Steam page to advertise its “gameplay,” while other game image assets appear to be used as NFT mints. We hasten to point out that the images taken were literally just reversed in most cases. These fools aren’t even trying, which is saying something considering the low bar of effort from other crypto titles.

For a mercy, it appears that nobody is actually buying any of these NFTs whatsoever, and developer Cyberwave is keenly aware of the matter and is warning players away from the scam. “Please do not download any software from this website, do not share your data or purchase any of the NFTs,” reads the tweet. “We ask you to be careful!”

sources:, Steam, OpenSea, Twitter (1, 2)
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