Book of Travels adds new caves, opens a new EU server, and releases a trailer encouraging multiplayer roaming


Most of the time entering a cave in an MMO is usually going to see your character fighting things – implausibly sized spiders, more often than not. Entering a cave in the tiny multiplayer online title Book of Travels will now house a place to shelter from the rain. They may also house spiders but they will be tiny ones and impossible to see.

These new caves located along the southern beaches will not only provide a place for fisherfolk to hide from the elements, but one may have a Khelim who is interested in hearing about rare fish and the stories told by veteran fishers. What this means is anyone’s guess, but if your character is the sort who would unironically wear a joke-y fishing hat, it may be worthwhile to be social. The patch otherwise has another round of bug fixes and general updates and has opened up a new server for EU players to meet demand.

Speaking of being social, the TMO decided to put out a new trailer that extols the virtues of playing together. It doesn’t necessarily unveil anything new about this distinct little game, but it could at least provide a sense of its whole vibe from a multiplayer standpoint if nothing else.

sources: Steam, YouTube
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