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Book of Travels’ Q&A covers death and mounts – but not when it’s leaving early access

Book of Travels has had a long and winding path through its early access through its just over two-year journey, so it would stand...

Book of Travels tests a ‘complete overhaul’ of its combat system

When the Kickstarted Book of Travels first released, it was marketed as a micro-MMO that skewed hard away from the typical DIKUMUD combat format....

Book of Travels adds new caves, opens a new EU server, and releases a trailer encouraging multiplayer roaming

Most of the time entering a cave in an MMO is usually going to see your character fighting things - implausibly sized spiders, more...

Book of Travels adds new rooms to snoop around in and new quests to follow in latest patch

Three new rooms, two new quest lines, and a bunch of bug fixes: That's the Cliff's Notes version of the newest content patch for...

Book of Travels is totally overhauling its combat system (yes, it has a combat system)

When you think of Might and Delight's tiny MMO Book of Travels, the word "combat" may not immediately spring to mind. But the game...

The Stream Team: Taking a return trip through Book of Travels

It's been quite some time since MOP's Chris made his first personal foray into the tiny multiplayer online world of Book of Travels. Now...

Ghostly death returns to Book of Travels in its biggest update since its early access release two years ago

Might and Delight's tiny MMO Book of Travels has traveled a very long way through its early access launch two years ago - and...

Book of Travels heralds a content update with new locations, events, and a death system ‘that isn’t the end’

Recently we reported on Book of Travels' latest patch and how it marked Might & Delight's continued effort to fix the game first and...

Book of Travels adds an in-game journal to let players jot down their own notes

Book of Travels doesn't really have a quest list for players to follow, which leans into the game's overall thrust of wandering the world...

Book of Travels’ latest patch improves load times and memory bloat, pushes through emergency maintenance

Just before the holiday, Might and Delight pushed out a small patch for its tiny MMO Book of Travels. Update 0.37.1 addresses a long...

Book of Travels is almost ready to switch from bug and performance fixes to new content

Developer Might & Delight has been putting a primary focus on fixing its tiny multiplayer online title Book of Travels, but if a recent...

Book of Travels continues to apply bug fixes and general gameplay updates

The patching, polishing, and bug fixing continues for tiny multiplayer online title Book of Travels. The game's two latest patches continue developer Might &...

Tiny MMO Book of Travels spins up a new beta server test environment, preview fishing

Early access tiny MMO Book of Travels is about to embark on a new leg of beta testing with a new test branch specifically...
Trook of Bavels

Book of Travels fixes ‘weird’ lamp posts, invisible endeavors, and NPCs walking away from conversations

It's generally bad manners to walk away from someone while they're interacting with you, and that's doubly so for NPCs in Book of Travels...

Book of Travels updates with FPS capping, lamp intensity, and bug fixes

Book of Travels' latest patch doesn't have new "content," but what it does have is just about as important, as it brings another long...
Looking for more to make a boat work.

Book of Travels attempts to disambiguate MMO ‘features’ and ‘content’

The difference between what's a feature and what is content would seem pretty obvious to most MMO players, but as usual Book of Travels...
Lot of oh no, but maybe that's to be expected.

Book of Travels clarifies price hike, joins the Steam winter sale, and patches in new cheevos

Remember a few days ago when Book of Travels developer Might and Delight reminded players it was still planning to bump the price of...

A year after major layoffs, Book of Travels is ‘back to full capacity’ ahead of price hike

Remember a year ago when Book of Travels studio Might and Delight let go almost a third of its dev team following the tepid...
Looking for more to make a boat work.

Book of Travels promises changes to quests, survival, combat, and travel in ‘the looming future’

The developers of tiny multiplayer online title Book of Travels are once more promising to make a variety of sweeping changes in another dev...

Book of Travels’ latest update is live with train and boat improvements

Early access "tiny MMO" Book of Travels dropped a patch at dawn today with a number of changes for its tiny MMO playerbase, changes...