Book of Travels attempts to disambiguate MMO ‘features’ and ‘content’

Looking for more to make a boat work.

The difference between what’s a feature and what is content would seem pretty obvious to most MMO players, but as usual Book of Travels does things a little bit differently from the accepted norm, which prompted an elaboration in a recent dev blog.

According to Might & Delight, players who consider the addition of new lands as content are following “a very misleading way of looking at games,” chiefly because engaging with a land’s features is the primary form of content:

“Often on our reviews we see people say ‘there is nothing to do’ and yet we know there are players who have played for hundreds of hours. This is because content is often layered within each area, and until you dig past the first few layers you don’t find the content that is hidden underneath. […] The general process is you create some ‘features,’ people use the features and the number of features in an area reflects a level of content.”

The blog does admit that the devs made finding this content (in the context of BOT) unnecessarily difficult, which is something the team is working to address by better explaining what things players need to do so they can play the game as intended. It also explains that getting features working correctly (again, in the context of the game) is important, since simply adding more lands with broken features will just exacerbate the tiny online title’s problems.

Meanwhile, players who have cut through the “features” to experience the “content” have shared their stories of their experiences, which was put together in a fluffy new video.

sources: Steam, YouTube
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