Facebook finally adds legs to VR avatars in its Horizon Worlds metaverse… sort of

Facebook - we're not calling it Meta like it wants to be called any more than we're calling Twitter by its featureless rebrand -...

Roblox aims to be ‘one of the biggest virtual economies on Earth’ through additional creator monetization tools

Roblox has some immense aspirations for its so-called economy. A blog post from the studio's VP of Economy Enrico D'Angelo offers a broad strokes...

The Daily Grind: So what *should* we call the metaverse?

Back in April, we covered a whitepaper from MMO designer Raph Koster, who just so happens to be building a metaverse MMO - or...
Details, details.

Idea Fabrik, the company behind Hero Engine and The Repopulation, disappears from the internet

The beginning of this year saw a sad but perhaps unsurprising development for the Kickstarted sci-fi sandbox MMO The Repopulation when the workers contracted...

Raph Koster predicts the future of the metaverse is a ‘virtual Machu Picchu’ – that you can leave

If you're not exhausted of seeing the word "metaverse" just yet, MMORPG developer Raph Koster has published a blessedly brief whitepaper on the evolution...

Disney axes its fledgling metaverse division as part of a 7,000 employee layoff round

How long does it take for the House of Mouse to decide the metaverse isn't worth it? Roughly a year, apparently, as Disney has...

Q4 2022: Krafton threatens to launch a ‘create-to-earn’ platform in 2023

Korean games giant Krafton reported $1.47B US in revenues for the full year 2022 period, with operating profit up 15.5% year over year but...

GDC’s State of the Games Industry survey once again demonstrates dev skepticism for metaverse and blockchain hokum

This year's State of the Game Industry from GDC - its 11th since beginning the project - delivers a range of insights from the...
Among all the many, many ways you are terrible.

Activision-Blizzard’s president/COO leaves in March – for the Bored Apes Yacht Club crypto outfit

It appears that one of Activision-Blizzard's top brass will end his tenure by next year. According to a filing with the SEC, Activision-Blizzard president...

The creation and crash of the forgotten Raph Koster MMO Metaplace

Let's ignore the fact that "decentralization" is shorthand for pyramid scheme grift nowadays and think back to how the internet was once a very...

Raph Koster’s Playable Worlds scored $25M in investment for his ‘modern sandbox MMO’

Raph Koster's Playable Worlds is inching a little closer to a playable world thanks to another cash infusion. GIbiz reports that the company has raised...

Lawful Neutral: How is an NFT MMO even supposed to work?

Recently, MassivelyOP hit a milestone: We received our quadrabajillionth email announcing that Scammy-scammers-now-with-NFTs-and-also-metaverse-because-reasons Inc. was a proven market leader with a new scamming game...

Tales from the Holodeck: Virtual reality is best as a gaming machine, not as a portal to the metaverse

Welcome to a new column here on MassivelyOP! Tales from the Holodeck was inspired by a couple of things: my purchase of a VR...

MMO Business Roundup: China’s freeze, ABK’s new diversity officer, and Sony and Epic’s metaverse

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news. China has ended its latest gaming-approval freeze after nine months of regulators locking out...

SpatialOS developer Improbable announces a ‘network of interoperable web3 metaverses’ called M²

Remember back in January when SpatialOS developer Improbable released a poll that asserted that a large number of gamers and game devs believed a...

GDC 2022: Control, revenue, scarcity, ethics, and the human challenges of the gaming ‘metaverse’

While some panels at GDC 2022 have been deeply disappointing, the panel titled "A Brave New (Virtual) World: Ethics and Governance of XR and...

Cornucopias’ The Island is an upcoming MMO brimming with blockchain babble

Imagine if an MMO developer decided to rake up every NFT and blockchain buzzword and system, then pigeonholed and sewed them together to make...
Boring, boring, boring.

Vague Patch Notes: The metaverse doesn’t exist and isn’t a good idea either

You can't swing your arms at this point without hearing about "the metaverse" in some capacity, which is supposedly the reason why Facebook changed...

Raph Koster talks metaverse creation and learning lessons from past game design mistakes

"Metaverse." It's the one word that, apparently, drives game execs and investors into a babbling frenzy just seconds before they explode into venture capital...

Second Life’s original founder rejoins the project to create the ultimate metaverse

I swear, every time I have to write the word "metaverse" these days, a part of my soul dies and my eyes get a...