Fortnite opens the doors to its own Trevor Noah-produced virtual stand-up comedy club


In-game concerts have already been a thing in Fortnite, so where does the games platform go from there? Why, opening the doors to its own virtual comedy club, naturally. This is a perfectly normal progression that isn’t strange at all. Or it’ll be a great thing for those who don’t have a comedy club near their physical location; it all depends on how you look at it.

The JokeNite instance invites players into the Cheese Cannery virtual comedy club, where up to eight audience members can either vote for which act they want to see perform or simply not vote and let a so-called mega medley of all of the acts perform on stage, then either watch the chosen show from their digital seat or engage a TV mode that replicates the view of a televised stand-up special.

The club features motion-captured routines from comedians Matthew Broussard, Marcia Belsky, Scott Seiss, and Preacher Lawson, and the whole thing is produced by comedian Trevor Noah of The Daily Show fame. It’s all a bit weird, but then it’s all part of Fortnite’s continued existence to be an actual metaversal location.

source: official site (1, 2)
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