Players rolled nearly 50K characters during Nightingale’s stress test last weekend


When Inflexion announced this week that it’s planning to launch Nightingale’s early access two days earlier than originally planned, it casually mentioned that it had seen 48,000 testers during this past weekend’s stress test – perhaps a few more than it anticipated. The Tencent-backed team has now dropped a dev blog to talk more about those 48,000 testers and what they actually did to try to break the servers. Most notably:

  • Nearly 50,000 characters were created (only slightly more characters than total players)
  • Players placed over 600,000 building pieces (nearly a third of them walls)
  • But you opened only 3000 portals, which are sort of the key unique feature of the game.
  • And y’all killed nearly 600,000 boars, wolves, and deer, which is somehow depressing.

“[We] have already begun working on addressing many of the core pieces of feedback you sent us,” Inflexion says. “Some may be addressed for Early Access launch, and some pieces are being prioritized for following updates after launch, so stay tuned for more detailed updates in the coming weeks.”

Of course, MOP’s own Chris streamed the event on Friday too and mostly found he wanted to see a lot more – always a good sign.

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