Babylon’s Fall is shutting down on February 27

It would appear that it fell after all

To the surprise of no one...

It turns out that building a looter-shooter that is more of a looter-slasher is harder than it looks. Square-Enix and Platinum Games’ Babylon’s Fall launched in March of this year to fairly low player counts (with lackluster reviews definitely not helping), but fans were assured that development was simply being re-evaluated. Of course, veterans of online games probably got more than a twinge of anxiety at that statement alone, and so it comes as no huge surprise that the game is being shut down on February 27th, 2023.

The closure date means that the game will end up just shy of a year of operation. No reason is given for the closure, but again we would note poor reviews and low player counts being likely factors giving Square-Enix and Platinum Games little reason to continue supporting the game. The game’s second season will continue to run as planned, with the final season launching as soon as season two ends along with some special rewards for players. Our condolences to the small number of fans who did enjoy the title.

Source: Official Site via VG24/7
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