Babylon’s Fall outlines plans for its next major updates while assuring fans that development isn’t being scaled back

This is fine.

Good news, Babylon’s Fall fan, there are no plans at this time to reduce the scale of development or updates planned for the game through the next couple of seasons of game content. This is a reasonable worry given the game’s rather low apparent player numbers, but the latest official development dispatch stresses that work is already mostly done through season 2 and the team is hard at work on season 3. So if you were worried about the game dying before it reaches its second season, you probably shouldn’t be.

The development preview covers more ground than that, though; it also covers the plans for the game’s 1.1.0 update (including a new faction, a new weapon type, and a new character slot), refining campaign quests to have fewer enemies and gimmicks to chew through, and the upcoming collaborative event celebrating NieR: Automata. (When a Square-Enix game needs some fan pop, you go back to NieR: Automata.) Check out the full rundown to see what’s in the works for the game in the next few months. If, you know, you want to.

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