Square-Enix finally makes good on its threat of selling NFTs with NFT-linked action figures

With nary a game to be found, it seems


You may have thought that after seeing NFT prices crash along with cryptocurrency prices crashing, Square-Enix would have backed down from its inane blather about NFTs being the future of gaming. Or given that it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, you might have thought that the company wouldn’t burn goodwill on something wholly unrelated to the play-to-earn concepts of user-created content. But then, you’re not Yosuke Matsuda, who apparently decided that after a not-great earnings year from everything other than Final Fantasy XIV, the best option would be to burn more good sentiments with NFT-bundled action figures.

Yes, that’s right, action figures. Not even related to gaming except insofar as it’s using the characters from Final Fantasy VII. These NFTs will be on the Efinity blockchain, although it’s important to note once again that the prices on these digital receipts has cratered. Also nowhere to be found is any discussion of the rather ghoulish play-to-earn notions mentioned in the letter from the beginning of the year, meaning that rather than changing video games in any way this is just attempting to hock a new form of merchandise for some quick cash. Well played, Mr. Matsuda. (For a certain definition of “well played.”)

Source: The Verge
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