Square Enix earnings drop, FFXIV subs rise, and NFT is here to stay

Magic shield.

All things considered, Square Enix is mopping its brow after its latest earning’s call and thanking its lucky stars that it wasn’t worse. The studio had to report to investors that it saw a small drop in net sales over the last six months compared to a year ago, mostly due to the lack of a breakout hits during this period.

Square Enix sold $1.48 billion in the past six months, with a drop in operating income ($254.7M) and a rise in ordinary income ($276.6M) during this time frame.

The major silver lining for Square Enix actually came from its MMORPG sector. While it’s the smallest overall earner for the company compared to other categories, MMO sales experienced “sharp growth” in the last six months — to the tune of 32.5% year-over-year increase — thanks to a tidal wave of players swamping Final Fantasy XIV, a World of Warcraft-induced phenomenon we covered earlier this year.

However, as of last night, Final Fantasy XIV players are coping with the news that the highly anticipated Endwalker expansion has been delayed until early December.

Perhaps the most concerning information drawn out of this report is the news that Square Enix is dipping its toes into the controversial field of NFT and blockchain. The studio’s already released its first NFT digital cards and is “contemplating a robust entry into blockchain games.”

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