The MOP Up: Super Mario Odyssey mod throws a 10-player party

Probably most of us have enjoyed some two-player Super Mario Bros. over the years, but how about a 10-player session? You can do just...

Steam’s Summer Sale 2022 slashes prices on New World, Endwalker, Classic Guild Wars, and more

Steam's Summer Sale is upon us once again, and this morning you might even be able to access it without everything timing out! There are...
Accounted for!

Wisdom of Nym: The status of the Garlean legions in Final Fantasy XIV

The Garlean military, to the best of our knowledge, comprises 14 legions of troops in Final Fantasy XIV. I've pointed out before that technically,...

Battle Bards Episode 213: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

The END(walker) of Final Fantasy XIV came, went, and brought us some excellent music along the way! In this episode of the Battle Bards,...

The Daily Grind: How much does an MMO’s population influence your perception of its success?

A few weeks back, there was a flurry of panic on Reddit over the realization that Final Fantasy XIV's Steam counts had fallen 70%...
Book 'em

Wisdom of Nym: Reconsidering Final Fantasy XIV’s Primals

Back in the early days of Final Fantasy XIV, Primals were kind of a big deal. Not the biggest deal in the game's lore...

Tamriel Infinium: Elder Scrolls Online has a real enthusiasm problem

Looking around the MMORPG community, you may not even be aware that Elder Scrolls Online has less than a month until its newest expansion,...
So... we cool, huh? We cool?

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV and the grim specter of continuity lockout

This particular column was inspired by a question by regular reader, commenter, and friend to man and beast alike Scott Leyes, who originally posed...

Massively Overthinking: The ideal MMO server setup

Over the last year, we've seen multiple major MMO and expansion launches, and most of them went awry in some way or another. Final...

Perfect Ten: Top 10 favorite Final Fantasy XIV zones

We're getting in the zone with Perfect Ten lately. A few weeks back, Justin posted his own personal ranking of World of Warcraft zones....
A new road has begun.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.1: Newfound Adventures is live today

The plot is over, the story came to a satisfying end, and Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has wrapped up its tales... which means that...
Voyage onward.

Wisdom of Nym: Breaking down the extensive changes to jobs in Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 6.1

First things first: I'm going to be writing this column in something of a whirlwind. It would have been nice if we had gotten...

Wisdom of Nym: What to expect (and not) from the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion

Math is coming for Final Fantasy XIV very shortly. Oh, sure, it can be postponed for a couple years yet, but we know it's coming....
Know your role.

Wisdom of Nym: Why [redacted] closed up shop at the end of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

If you still haven't finished the main scenario of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, I think we are officially at the point where avoiding spoilers...
Never seen a bluer sky.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s limited job problem

All right. So are we done with people being mad about Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XIV yet? No, of course not; that was...

Final Fantasy XIV previews its next patch on March 4

Can you believe it's been about three months since Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker arrived? Because it has been. That means it's time to start talking...
Almost tangible. Again.

Final Fantasy XIV offers players its Immerse Audio Pack add-on

How important is your in-game audio experience to you? Final Fantasy XIV is hoping it's pretty important, as one of its selling points for...
So many swords.

Final Fantasy XIV’s director and scenario writer discuss the twists and turns of Endwalker

For those of you who still haven't played through the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker story, this narrative goes places. It features some scenes within its first...
It burns, burns, burns.

Wisdom of Nym: Speculating on the next few bits of Final Fantasy XIV content

Let's start with something that's important: At this point, and for most of my future speculation, I'm going to make an assumption that may...

One Shots: Dancers of the Lost Ark

Every new MMORPG is a tomb waiting to be raided, a dungeon ready for delvings, and a vault ready to be cracked. Adventurers far...