Wisdom of Nym: Recurring Final Fantasy XIV systems we could probably get rid of

At this point, Final Fantasy XIV has had a long time to get into a pretty reliable cadence that has not changed substantially beyond...

PSA: Steam’s Spring Sale offers up discounts for MMORPGs and expansions

Are you in the market for a new MMO or MMORPG to play? Then you might be interested to know that the Steam Spring...

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 6.35 content is a mixed bag

So the patch is here! It brought a whole bunch of content! And the content is... actually kind of a mixed bag, if I'm...
No mom.

Wisdom of Nym: How is Final Fantasy XIV going to end?

A long while ago, I wrote an article about how your favorite MMO is going to die. This is because your favorite MMO is...

Wisdom of Nym: Where is Final Fantasy XIV’s story going post-6.3?

As we all know, at this point Final Fantasy XIV is the story of Zero and how we all absolutely want her to live...

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s unseen character is (not) the Warrior of Light

In Final Fantasy XIV lore, the Convocation's overall lineup has changed a little bit as we've learned more. At first it was just a...
Big time.

Wisdom of Nym: Where else could we get a Final Fantasy XIV raid series from the franchise?

Let me start this particular column with an observation that should really accompany any and all discussion of future raid series for Final Fantasy...

The MOP Up: SMITE delivers a ‘bonus’ update full of nerfs

SMITE delivered a "bonus update" to the MOBA's community this past week with several downward adjustments to various features. Speed buff got nerfed "by...
Trying to find a hammer.

Wisdom of Nym: The powerful stuff in Final Fantasy XIV that went missing in action

First things first: This article is not about your favorite ability that has been removed from Final Fantasy XIV over the years. No, even...
But what awaits...

Vague Patch Notes: Floaty, samey, and janky – a treasury of MMO terms for bad combat

Any time you bring up The Secret World or Secret World Legends's bland, floaty combat, at least one person is going to chime in...

Wisdom of Nym: Takeaways from the Final Fantasy XIV 6.3 preliminary patch notes

Here we are, a day before the first major Final Fantasy XIV patch of the year... which is also very, very early in the...

One Shots: There’s snow way I’m turning around

Psst. Hey. You. Come over here, but keep it quiet. Listen, Bel's in a lot of trouble with the snowman mafia, and it's uncertain...
It's Cid! Hi Cid! Fix this.

End-of-Year Eleven: The best value MMOs going into 2023

Every year when I do this post, I muse about what "value" actually means for MMOs because it's actually a tricky proposition and that...
Tales of loss, and fire, and faith.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Natsuko Ishikawa discusses how the pandemic influenced Endwalker’s story

It's been just about a year since Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker released. How's everyone doing with that story emotionally? Still crying uncontrollably when you...

Steam’s winter sale offers many deep discounts on FFXIV, Elder Scrolls Online, New World and more

If you're not already broke from buying presents this holiday season, why not treat yourself to the annual gamer gluttony that is the Steam...

Wisdom of Nym: The Final Fantasy XIV narrative moments that lack real conclusions

When I was in college, I met a girl who was absolutely amazing. I was dating someone at the time (not my future wife,...
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Final Fantasy XIV will turn house demolition back on next year

Normally, there's a system of house demolition in Final Fantasy XIV so players who do not visit their houses for an extended period of...
Trying to find a hammer.

Wisdom of Nym: A completely groundless hope about our next destination for Final Fantasy XIV

Normally when I do speculation columns - about Final Fantasy XIV or really anything else under the sun - I'm doing so for a...

End-of-year Eleven: The healthiest live MMOs at the end of 2022

When you're investing a whole lot of time and (potentially) money into MMORPGs, you want to make sure that your game isn't going belly-up...
Accounted for!

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s narrative misfires

Everyone either accepts at this point that Final Fantasy XIV has an excellent story or has decided to die on the hill of insisting...