Square-Enix FY2022: Revenues decline as company remains ‘aggressive’ on blockchain


We continue with the near-endless march of financial reports out of gaming companies in May, and this one is another biggie, as Square-Enix has put out its latest fiscal year report, and it is not particularly sunny, with sales and revenue figures down across all of the company’s primary gaming divisions.

Total net revenues for the past year were down by 6% YOY at $2.54B, profit dipped 3% YOY at $364M, and its overall digital entertainment revenue dropped 13% at $1.8B. Breaking the numbers down by category, the company’s HD games segment saw 10% fewer net sales, revenue in the MMO segment dropped by 14%, and its mobile division dipped by 13%. The report remarks that disappointing sales of new HD games, underperformance of new mobile games, and no expansion for Final Fantasy XIV were all contributing factors.

The report also sees the company continue to talk up its blockchain gaming aspirations in its opening statements to investors. “We are a content company. As such, our mission is to create new excitement of a sort never seen before using new technologies and new ways of thinking. Blockchain technology presents us with the challenge of seeing what sort of new excitement we can create with it. We will remain aggressive in taking on this new field,” reads part of the report.

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