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Less elf than hoped.

Square-Enix confirms that layoffs are coming to US and EU employees in June

Yesterday we reported on Square-Enix's first quarter outlook for 2024, in which it announced among other things that it plans to "rebuild its ...

Square-Enix Q1 2024: Profits plummet as it promises to ‘reboot and awaken’

The opening quarter of the 2024 fiscal year indeed isn't a good one for Square-Enix. Shortly after the company warned investors of "extraordinary losses"...

Bandai Namco reports YoY sales drop, admitting Blue Protocol JP ‘significantly fell short’

Bandai Namco has disclosed its fiscal-year third quarter financial reports, and it looks like things are not going well for the developer and publisher,...

Embracer confirms layoffs of nearly 1400 people were part of efforts to ‘always maximize shareholder value’

It's only mid-February but already we have a lead contender for most vile CEO quote of 2024: Embracer Group's third quarter fiscal report is...

Star Citizen studio CIG claims increases in revenue, salaries, headcount, and costs in 2022 financial year report

The 2022 fiscal year for Star Citizen and Squadron 42 developer Cloud Imperium Games can best be described as "all the numbers were bigger":...

Chinese regulators go into damage control mode after proposed gaming restrictions burn $80B in market value

Last week we reported on some newly drafted restrictions by Chinese regulators that were aimed at curbing game time, limiting rewards for spending and...

Square-Enix sees $2B in stock value disappear and its team management scrutinized

The home of Final Fantasy has been sailing some rocky fiscal seas recently. As multiple outlets reported this past week, Square-Enix has seen its...

Unity Q2 2023: Buyout of ironSource pays off with a YOY revenue increase as net losses continue

The second quarter numbers for Unity are in, and it looks like good news for investors. The company's revenue has reached $533M - an...
Bad men.

The Division 2 readies a free-to-play event as Ubisoft’s sales figures take a dive

Ubisoft had suggested that investors should buckle up for a financial hit in January, but the impact appears to have been a bit worse...

Square-Enix FY2022: Revenues decline as company remains ‘aggressive’ on blockchain

We continue with the near-endless march of financial reports out of gaming companies in May, and this one is another biggie, as Square-Enix has...

Electronic Arts ends 2023 fiscal year with $7.4B in revenue, talks up investment in ‘games as a platform’

The numbers are in for Electronic Arts' fourth quarter and its overall 2023 fiscal year, and by all accounts, the behemoth is still behemoth-sized....

Roblox confirms that it had $150M in Silicon Valley Bank, now shut down by regulators

We would love to be in the kind of position where seeing millions of dollars disappear registers an "everything is fine" response. That looks...

Roblox ends 2022 with over $2 billion in revenue but nearly $1 billion in net losses

The 2022 fiscal year has wrapped up for Roblox, and once again it's a year of contradiction, as the company reported over $2 billion...