Pantheon Rise of the Fallen delays next pre-alpha to May 20 and takes a look at its refreshed Shaman

hands across whatever this fantasy world is called

Just in case it isn’t obvious in that headline, the Shaman class in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen isn’t refreshed because it took a nice soothing shower and had some delicious infused water; it’s refreshed in that its skills got some adjustments. We’re sure that the Shaman is totally hydrated and freshened one way or the other.

This latest class refresh preview is just as granular as one shared by Visionary Realms for the Dire Lord class, with a breakdown of the skills the Shaman gets from levels one through 10, a discussion about the importance of mana management, and the various party buffs and enemy debuffs the class is capable of bringing, even at early levels. The full livestream awaits after the cut.

In other Pantheon news, the pre-alpha that was scheduled to begin this weekend has been pushed back to Saturday, May 20th instead thanks to performance issues. As recompense, the devs two additional ad hoc tests, but once again these are open only to VIP tier backers of the project.

sources: YouTube, Twitter
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