Pantheon Rise of the Fallen ramps up enemy health and offers a look at the retooled Dire Lord class


No, Dire Lord isn’t the name of a PvP FPS Twitch streamer who says “bruh” unironically; it’s a class in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, and as the game’s latest video shows, it’s the first class that’s getting a refresh of its early kit.

The preview footage takes a granular look at updates to the Dire Lord level by level, from the very beginning all the way up to level 10 and touching on the specifics of every skill and passive ability the class will get along the way. These updates seek to slowly unfurl the Dire Lord’s tanking tool set as it introduces afflictions, devouring skills, and essence management, as well as the usual threat generation a tank should have. The devs further note that this is the first of their class refresh efforts, with other classes getting some TLC as development progresses.

Speaking of development progress, the stream opens with word about a couple of ad hoc tests that were held before its scheduled April pre-alpha, which saw some improvements to the game’s performance overall. The devs also read out some patch notes that generally seek to make dungeon enemies harder to take down while warning testers that time to kill overall is being increased. The full stream can be seen below.

source: YouTube
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