Pantheon talks up new crafting and gathering systems, April pre-alpha, and gameplay footage plans


Pantheon’s March newsletter has arrived, and with it updates on the game’s slow but steady push through pre-alpha.

“We continue to see solid progress on our Crafting and Gathering systems, with a brand-new Gathering profession coming online (Woodcutting) and another one already in the works (Skinning),” Visionary Realms writes today. “Woodcutting will be available for testing in our upcoming Pre-Alpha Test, which is scheduled for from 10am PDT, April 15 through 10am PDT, April 16.” The studio also talks up the launch of Persistence, the dedicated server, and a range of performance optimizations on the current build.

The studio is promising more in-game footage over the course of 2023, and it sounds as if the newsletters will be broken up into smaller updates each month going forward.

“One thing we are very excited about as a team is that with monthly Pre-Alpha testing, we’re going to be able to show a lot more gameplay and in-game footage in 2023 than we were able to show in 2022. To add to that, expect to see more streaming sessions from the community, as well as from us as developers streaming more play sessions like the goblin caves. This also allows us to publish out of schedule content that’s shorter form, like the Monk skills video we put out when I joined the team. As development continues, we’ll be looking to feature more gameplay videos featuring the development of our classes, and expansion of our game world.”

Source: Pantheon
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