Elder Scrolls Online dares you to ’embrace the outrageous’ with its Jester’s Festival

Plus four years of Elder Scrolls Blades!


Do you have a manic grin on your face and a willingness to “embrace the outrageous?” It’s really the only way to approach Elder Scrolls Online’s goofy Jester’s Festival, after all!

The annual April Fools celebration began this week and will carry on with its tomfoolery until April 6th. “During Tamriel’s silliest season, you can acquire buffs to XP gains and earn ridiculous rewards by completing special event-specific quests,” ZeniMax said, citing silly pies, house furnishings, style pages, and costume fragments. Yes, you can literally cobble together an outfit that involves wearing a bucket on your head.

Elsewhere in the Elder Scrolls universe, the mobile game Blades recently celebrated its fourth anniversary with a giveaway:

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