Relive LOTRO’s Weatherstock XIII player concert series with these videos

This past weekend, Hobbits and Elves (and other Free Peoples of Middle-earth) put down their swords and took up lutes, drums, and oboes for...

Lord of the Rings Online’s merged Farmer’s Faire and Summer Festival are live today

With the addition of the Midsummer Festival a little while back, Lord of the Rings Online's summer season got more than a little full...

Dungeons and Dragons Online welcomes the 2020 Winter Games

Don't let the frosty weather outside get you down! Embrace it instead with Dungeons and Dragons Online's 2020 winter games. This is a two-for-one...

Dark Age of Camelot celebrates summer, adds item search tool

It's not a cruel summer for Dark Age of Camelot -- but it is a competitive one. Those looking for a relaxing holiday experience...

The Stream Team: Soaking up some Lord of the Rings summer festival

Is there a festival going on in LOTRO? Is there ever not? Massively OP's MJ is heading in to soak up some summer fun...

Flameseeker Chronicles: A guide to Guild Wars 2’s revivified Dragon Bash

Dragon Bash is an event that first ran in Guild Wars 2 in 2013, less than a year after the game launched. It was...

Lord of the Rings Online brings Christmas to July

Just because it's the middle of the summer doesn't mean that Middle-earth can't enjoy some frosty fun! Lord of the Rings Online is bringing...

EverQuest II debuts its otterly adorable Oceansfull festival

Is it ever too late in an MMO's lifecycle to introduce a new holiday? We think not! EverQuest II is jazzing up June with...
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Black Desert opens up a waterpark for summer, reduces level XP requirements

Just in time for those dog days of summer is Black Desert, which is making a splash with its new Terrmian Waterpark. Today is...
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World of Warcraft brings a few new tricks to its Midsummer Fire Festival

With all of those micro-holidays World of Warcraft is sporting these days, you'd be forgiven if you forgot that the MMO still runs full-fledged...
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LOTRO’s Spring Festival returns

Spring is in bloom, love is in the air, and boots are primed for stompin' some major shrew butt. Yes, it's once again time for...

SWTOR welcomes Life Day and 5th anniversary celebration

Rushing out to see Rogue One this weekend? Not so fast: SWTOR is going to make a play for your attention and geek affections....

Trove welcomes the ‘ghastly horrors’ of Shadow’s Eve

When you think of the scariest and most spine-tingling elements of Halloween, what rises to the top of the list? Pumpkins and candy corn,...

Elder Scrolls Online has begun testing its new lockboxes

What will Elder Scrolls Online be like when lockboxes come to town? Players have a chance to get an advance look at this future,...

Farmers Faire returns to Lord of the Rings Online

Surly customers and flung produce: What's not to love about Lord of the Rings Online's Farmer's Faire? This small annual event is returning to the game with...

Neverwinter’s summer festival returns with more flair

Sitting around your house, bored and sweaty this summer? Don't whine to us, especially after we tell you that Neverwinter has the cure for...

Lord of the Rings Online reveals new raid bosses, starts spring festival

Like the tides and fashion, raids in MMOs fall in and out of popularity in any given title. Lord of the Rings Online has...

Lord of the Rings Online celebrates nine years in Middle-earth

In the Lord of the Rings, it took Frodo and Sam less than a year to travel from the Shire to Mt. Doom. In...

WildStar’s Winterfest Extravaganza starts on December 16

WildStar's twistedly funny -- consumer-saturated -- version of the holidays is coming next week to a server near you. The very first Protostar Gala Winterfest Extravaganza is...
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Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s events, anniversaries, and content

I don't know whether we're actually going to have a proper two-year anniversary event in Final Fantasy XIV. It feels very strange to say...