Lord of the Rings Online’s merged Farmer’s Faire and Summer Festival are live today


With the addition of the Midsummer Festival a little while back, Lord of the Rings Online’s summer season got more than a little full with a total of three events. To keep things more sane, Standing Stone Games has decided to merge the two older festivals into one with today’s update.

Update 27.3 brings the Farmer’s Faire and the Summer Festival together in glorious harmony, allowing players to participate in all of the activities from both events.

“Beginning this year, Farmer’s Faire now includes prior Summer (Lithe) Festival content, including quests and seasonal instances,” SSG said. “All Summer Festival tokens have been automatically converted into Farmer’s Faire tokens. You will receive three Farmer’s Faire tokens in your barter wallet for every Summer Festival token removed.”

This revamped festival will go through September 7th.


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More connection problems with the usual troubled servers this week, including my server Evernight.

The population there seems to have taken a hit from the troubles the game has recently had.

Instead of the server reaching ~1200 players logged in at best playing times, it’s been doing ~1000 when I have been checking after the shutdown ended.

A pity.


Fummer Fairstival then?


My impression earlier this year was that the festival and faire were only being run at the same time this year because 2020 is crazy. I did not think it was a permanent merge.

I was wrong. I guess I’ll check out the Summer Faire? Summer Farmer Fest? to see how it looks, but I’m skeptical.


SSG is all about minimum effort these days. The servers even running is considered an accomplishment.