SWTOR welcomes Life Day and 5th anniversary celebration

Rushing out to see Rogue One this weekend? Not so fast: SWTOR is going to make a play for your attention and geek affections. The fun starts with today’s 5.0.1 update, which contains several fixes for the recent expansion, including a buff to flashpoint and uprising CXP gain.

The patch also marks the start of a small army of December in-game events. There’s the return of Life Day (throw those snowballs!), the Relics of the Gree event, a Rakghoul outbreak on Corellia, and a Bounty Contract week. Most of these overlap, so you’ll have your pick of extracurricular activities at any given time.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep an Outlander outlandishly busy, today starts SWTOR’s 5th anniversary celebration. You can log in over the next month to claim some free rewards, including a Senya holostatue, a celebration Jawa, and more decor for your home.

Source: Patch notes, December events, 5th anniversary rewards via Dulfy
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