holiday 2016

Skyforge goes on a dino dig and celebrates winter wonders

How will you spend your Christmas break? Skyforge is giving you two interesting options, one traditional and one... prehistoric. Players with at least 1,000 prestige...

Riders of Icarus challenges you to round up its reindeer

Are we... are we done with winter holidays in MMOs yet? Can we talk about something else now? No? Oh. Very well. What's next?...

ArcheAge starts holiday festival, compensates players with unique mounts

ArcheAge is so, so sorry, guys. While the mess of Revelation's launch in North America still has yet to be fully cleaned up, Trion...

WildStar devs tour through Winterfest, hint at ‘exciting’ additions to come

As 2016 comes to a close, the WildStar team is scooting down your chimney to talk about the year in review, the current Winterfest...

Crush Online breaks out in civil war

'Tis the season for fellowship, merriment, and out-and-out civil war. Or so says Crush Online, which has pushed out its first big update following...

World of Warcraft unwraps Winter Veil

Ugly sweaters and rumblings of the Abominable Greench are signs that World of Warcraft's Feast of the Winter Veil is back. From now through January...

SMITE pushes Saturnalia to next week

Even gods get held up in holiday traffic sometimes. So go easy on SMITE, as it announced that this year's Saturnalia has been pushed from...

How the Drynch stole SkySaga’s Christmas

Oh that dastardly Drynch! SkySaga isn't even officially released, yet its Midwinter holiday has come under siege by the ever-grumpy Drynch. "The Drynch has stolen...

Echo of Soul transports players to Christmasland

As with, well, pretty much every other MMO out there right now, Echo of Soul is running its own Christmas event. The game patched in...

LOTRO’s Yule Festival is delayed until next week

Lord of the Rings Online revelers will have to wait just a little bit longer to join in the holiday season. Turbine announced yesterday...

Destiny’s holiday event is off to the races

Don't look now, Destiny, but you're becoming more of an MMORPG every day. The sci-fi shooter patched in its Dawning update this week, bringing...

Guild Wars counts down to Wintersday 2016

Not content to let younger sibling Guild Wars 2 have all of the Wintersday fun, the classic Guild Wars is getting ready to roll...

Wizard101 and Pirate101 have ponies and decorations for all

When it comes to a great holiday event, what would you rather have more: in-game activities, giveaways, or cash shop sales? If you said,...

SWTOR welcomes Life Day and 5th anniversary celebration

Rushing out to see Rogue One this weekend? Not so fast: SWTOR is going to make a play for your attention and geek affections....

WildStar celebrates the consumer season with Winterfest

There's no need to get sappy or sentimental in WildStar when the holiday season rolls around. When it comes to Protostar's Gala Winterfest, cold,...

The MOP Up: The worst Overwatch players ever (December 11, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...
Pretend she's just out of the shot.

Snowmageddon strikes Atlas Reactor

Welcome to SNOWMAGEDDON, the brutal, take-no-prisoners, open-all-presents throwdown that only Atlas Reactor has the guts to operate! Well, it's a lot more fluffy and...

Albion Online’s holiday event is elfin’ hardcore

It's not launched yet, but Albion Online apparently didn't want to let the holiday season go by without adding a little festive fun of...
Yes, we get it, this holiday exists.

Paragon kicks off its Winterfest celebrations

Do you feel a deep and urgent desire to make sure that everything around you is supremely festive during the holiday season? Paragon is...
Eh, I had nothing else to do.

Shroud of the Avatar gets gifty with exchangeable present boxes

As with every one before it, Shroud of the Avatar’s Update of the Avatar #203 packs a sleigh full of news. This time, however,...