Crush Online breaks out in civil war


‘Tis the season for fellowship, merriment, and out-and-out civil war. Or so says Crush Online, which has pushed out its first big update following its October launch.

The Civil War update allows guilds within the same nation to fight each other over fortresses, winning gold and bragging rights when victorious. The hybrid MMO/MOBA also introduced a trio of Christmas costumes, more boundary area bosses, additional guild rank options, and a chunk of bug fixes.

“From now on you can challenge other Fortress Owners from your nation in an up to 15:15 battle. You have to choose a certain amount of your own Legion Gold to be at stake. A war between the two Legions will start. If the challengers loose or the battle is a draw, the defenders will get the Legion Gold. If the challengers win, the Fortress will change ownership. If the challengers already have a Fortress, the new one will become a System Fort.”

Source: Crush Online
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