WildStar celebrates the consumer season with Winterfest


There’s no need to get sappy or sentimental in WildStar when the holiday season rolls around. When it comes to Protostar’s Gala Winterfest, cold, hard space bucks are your only path to the festive spirit.

WildStar’s winter event is under construction and will return next Sunday, December 18th, for a “corporate-sponsored, consumer-driven holiday.” Doesn’t that sound like fun? It is, actually. Winterfest invites players to head up into a floating skymall (an actual one that doesn’t just exist in magazines) to engage in all sorts of zany quests for special rewards.

New this year is the ability to spend the holiday currency — ColdCash — on previously cash shop-only items, such as the Orbitron mount and Proto-Present Turrent. Winterfest will run for the remainder of the month and shut down on January 1st.

Source: WildStar
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